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2013-04-27 10:17 pm

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I think I'm getting my anime mood back? I kinda felt like watching some average traditional Japanese anime (whatever that means, but my brain seems to favor that category for now) So I picked up Working 2 and what do you know, I've been watching it all day now. I finished episode 8 and still waiting for episode 9 to finish downloading, this is taking forever and I have no idea why. *cry*

While waiting for that episode to download I decided to catch up (and finish) Psycho-Pass, I have stopped at episode 10 and now I just finished episode 17 asdfghjkl this anime is P E R F E C T no seriously it's fucking amazing I have no idea why I stopped watching it.
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2013-04-26 12:49 pm

First post

I just moved here from LJ, I still need some time to settle down and get thing ready and running well. I will make this journal friends only once I add some people (mostly those I know from LJ) but I will look for more! Here a little about me:
Call me Midori, I like anime/manga/ games/ vocaloids/ books/ music/etc. This journal will be me talking about those things, and a little RL woes as they come by. I'm here to make friends, I like to comment on others journals and would like to receive comments as well~ Hope we can all get along well together. :D